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We are a high-end, very personalized and bespoke confidential matrimonial search that brings life partners together based on mindsets, values and personalities. Our members base consists of affluent, upwardly mobile global individuals who are seriously looking to get married. What truly binds them together is the fact that whilst they are successful, well-travelled, progressive thinking, cosmopolitan in their outlook and belong to extremely cultured families, they are missing that one special person to share their life with.

Our focus is quality over quantity and to enable us to maintain our very strict quality standards we have strong eligibility criteria that need to be met in order to qualify to become a member.

It starts with discussing the profile requirements with you and we will connect with you to understand your requirement.

No matchmaking happens until we have either met with you personally or have had a conversation (depending on the package) to better understand what you are looking for.

After getting your requirement we will give you the matches as per your selected package. Once both people say yes only then, we connect you initially via e-mail or phone, whichever works best for you.

No, it is an offline high-end confidential and personalized search. The online form is just used to help you to connect with us. We will then communicate with you directly via phone, e-mail or Skype and send the match details directly to your account.

We look for a combination of age, education, income, exposure and mindset etc. As there are people in different stages of life, there is a variance in our criteria too.

The most important things in life don’t come with a guarantee. Sometimes things work and sometimes, despite best efforts they just don’t. What we can guarantee is that we really do give it our best as there are few things as satisfying as seeing people meet their life partner on Ladoo Matrimonial.

Age: 70% of our members are between 24-40 years; 30% are below 24 or over 40 years.
Location: about 45% are located across the US & Canada, 40% in India and 15% in Europe and the rest of Asia.

Our close-knit team consists of people between 30-65 years of age from cultured and privileged backgrounds across the world who have gone through their own share of experiences. They choose to be a part of the team because they believe in what we do and want to make a difference-however small in the life of someone else

We believe that there is no “usual marriageable age” for wanting to share one’s life with a partner, as it’s all so relative. People come with different experiences, backgrounds and circumstances. Things could have been delayed for so many reasons- be it a relationship gone wrong, focus on career, other responsibilities, partner having passed away or simply by virtue of just being a late bloomer! Having said that as we get older the list of what we don’t want in a life partner grows longer and it gets tougher to find the "right" person on our own. Our team can truly identify with the emotions involved. Sometimes it’s also about filtering through the clutter and getting to what is really important. Matchmaking is not only about height, weight and age; it’s much deeper connection.

No one gets into marriage with anything other than it being a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately, sometimes despite best efforts life does not go as we would like it to. We truly feel that having someone in your life to share it with is invaluable and that is the reason we work with people across all ages and circumstances. However, please ensure that the divorce process has been completed before applying for membership.

No. Because the search is built up over a period of time, with a lot of effort and time that is put in to get to know the person and connect them to other like-minded people. Then, is constant fine-tuning based on their feedback on profiles sent.